A Brief Guide On Custom Engagement Rings

custom engagement rings

Engagements and weddings are special occasions which happen only once in a life and therefore, it no doubt must be cherished and celebrated, the most important part of the engagement and the wedding is the ring and this ring should be something which is according to the couple and the custom engagement rings in brisbane are the best way to celebrate the relationship for years to come and most of the times these rings are not readily available, you have to customize it. Some people may go for the jewellery remodelling for the customization of their engagement rings while others get the new rings but have it made to order. But in either case, you must know what you want and how would you execute it to get the ring exactly as you wanted.

Basic components of custom engagement rings:

Stones and settings:

In order to start the customization, make sure you get the basic rights and if you have these defined and agreed on then you could move to other additional features and there is no defined order, some people may choose the stone or material first and then go for the design and settings while others may decide the shape and style first. But whichever you go make sure you understand this and do ample research on it before you finalize it, in case of settings, the custom engagement rings must be a perfect fit to you and your partner and then comes the stones, for this you need to not only understand the style but also the budget. Get an idea of the price range and check the stones that fall in this range and then match it your style to get a perfect combination.

Metal choice:

Each ring has the stones and then the metal from which the frame is made, therefore, the metal you choose has a great impact and it should go with your stones. The colour of the metal is one of the most important property appearances wise, the most popular colours include the white or gold and the materials commonly used are the gold and platinum but there is even a third colour tone which is the rose gold and if you like the colour you could have this metal.


Once the basis is set, now there is personalization which is what the custom engagement rings are actually about. These personalization are mostly engraving and these could have any meaningful thing written on it and if not this then you could have some pattern or design engraving as well. Some people leave the spaces for the engraving and have these engraved after the wedding or after some years of the wedding at some anniversary, it all depends on ones own choice.For more information visit our website: www.jewellerydownunder.com