Process Of Making Honey

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It is regarded as one of the most natural products in the world. The golden syrup that we’ve been using in our day to day lives were made by the bees and collected carefully by the beekeepers. It undergoes different process before it’s sealed in a container and reaches our homes.

Bees at Work

Group of bees will fly out and search for nectars and pollens from different types of flowers. Once they find a good source they will inform all other bees in their hive to go and find those sources. They will collect the nectar and store it in their sac. As they return to their hives, they will transfer the nectar to the mouths of other worker bees that will add enzymes to the nectar resulting in forming the golden syrup. Afterwards, the nectars will be placed into honeycombs by the bees and it will naturally undergo its ripening process. The comb will be filled with beeswax once it’s fully ripened.

Removal of honeycombs

Removal of combs requires a beekeeper to be in full gear protection of helmet and gloves to avoid injuries when bees attack them. The beekeeper may simply take the combs or use some smoke that can make the bees fly out thinking that there’s fire in the hive. There’s also a board that can be inserted before taking the combs. The beekeeper will immediately test the combs and if it’s not yet good enough, it will be returned back to the honey chamber.

Uncapping of honeycombs

After getting the combs, it will be placed on a box or container. The beekeeper will scrape the combs and place it on a different container. This process has to be done in a closed door room free from any single bees.

Taking of honey from the combs

The combs will be placed to a specialized machine with strong force to extract the raw honey. As the machine spins, it will drips down to drums or buckets below for collection.

Classification of honey

It all depends on the company or manufacturer on what type of product they want to produce. The common one is the organic honey that needs to follow standard operating procedures during its production. Different flavored wholesale bulk honey with mango, lemon cream, cinnamon and a lot more are trendy nowadays.

Packaging or bottling

The golden syrup will now undergo a heating process in big tanks using right amount of temperature to melt the crystals and remove some pollens left behind. It will be filtered and placed to each bottle or jars ready for shipment to our local supermarkets.