Cool Gift Ideas You Could Use To Gift Your Dad For Christmas

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With the season of Christmas coming closer and closer, it is only right that you start planning your gift list for all your loved ones. And of them you certainly cannot forget beloved dad! So here are some gift ideas you could use as inspiration to pick the best gift for him!


There is no normal person in this world who hates chocolates. So if your dad is one of the many who have a really strong sweet tooth or just generally likes chocolate, you could gift him a box of fancily packed dark chocolate. Sure it might not be as extravagant as iwatch bands but that doesnt mean it would lack in value any less! Plus it is also the ideal gift to given when you are only just a broke college student!

A tie

Ties are like the perfect accessories that completes an entire outfit when it comes to men. And if your dad wears these constantly with his many suits and shirts, then it is possibly the best gift you could give him! So make an effort to go from store to store to find the best one that is not only cool but also unique too! Wrap it up in some ribbons and voila you have got your one of a kind gift, for your dad! You could also shop for cufflinks too if you are unable to find some uniquely patterned tie.

Phone sanitizer

Did you know that there actually are phone sanitizer cases? Well if you didnt now you do! If your dad is constantly cleaning the screen of his phone or messing up with the charging wires, you could ease his troubles by buying one of these cases. They not only sanitize the screen but also allows you to charge the phone too while being cleaned!


This is probably the ideal gift you could give your dad if you notice that his wallet is falling apart piece by piece. Look for leather, long lasting kinds with a shade that he would like and gift it to him. He would not only thank you for it, but might even spare some extra allowance for your heart-warming gift, every time he opens it and remembers you!